• Harlem Renaissance Orchestra
    Harlem Renaissance Orchestra | Kevin Yatarola

Dance Instructor: Margaret Batiuchok teaches Lindy Hop and Shim Sham

DJ: Ryan Swift

The traditional Midsummer Night Swing finale, these guardians of Harlem’s musical traditions, HRO turns to the music of Basie, Ellington, Lionel Hampton, and of course Illinois Jacquet. The evening’s festivities include the awarding of the Ambassador Prize, an honor bearing the nickname Frankie Manning, one of lindy hop’s best dancers and master teachers.

As this is a dance event, there is no seating.

Big Band Swing

Harlem Renaissance Orchestra: Tribute to Illinois Jacquet

featuring the 5th Annual Ambassador Prize Dance Contest

Sat, July 13, 6:30pm

Dance Lesson at 6:30
Live Music at 7:30

Damrosch Park - Swing

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